Dessert Menu

In addition to our fantastic cakes, we are excited to invite you to discover the delights of our new dessert offerings!


Our cupcakes are custom and made to order, so you can choose your flavor profiles, creating a truly unique treat. They are also excellent options to pair with a cake order!

Mini Cheesecakes

Creamy, bite-sized treats perfect for cheesecake lovers.

Fruits and Custard Tarts:

Fresh fruits nestled on a bed of smooth custard within a flaky tart shell.

Cheesecake Cones

A fun twist on traditional cheesecake served in a crispy cone.

Portuguese Custard Tarts

A classic pastry with a rich custard filling and a blistered top.


Delicate French cookies filled with a variety of flavors.


Light and airy pastries filled with cream and drizzled with chocolate.